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About Dr Karen

Dr Karen Helmick LAc DOM began her professional career as a division one track and field/cross country coach and professor of exercise physiology/wellness.  After several years of suffering from “incureable” migraine headaches (some were even classified as TIA’s) she decided that there had to be a treatment that would work for her.  After exhausting all western medicine therapies with no improvement, on a whim she tried acupuncture.  Now seven years later, she remains migraine free!!  She was so impressed with the medicine and its potential to enhance the lives of others that she immediately began classes to become a doctor of Oriental Medicine.

After her first year of practice, Natural Awakenings Magazine Sarasota announced Dr Karen Helmick as a top ranking acupuncturist. She has been a consistent winner of the Best Acupuncturist of Venice awarded by both the Herald Tribune and Venice Gondolier newspapers as voted by local patients. Dr Karen is also continually sought after for speaking engagements.


When not working in the office Dr Karen enjoys spending time with her rescue dogs and horse–Omega.  She also enjoys photography, running and reading good fiction books.



Bachelors of Science in Health and Exercise Physiology  from Gettysburg College

Masters of Science in Physical Education/Exercise Physiology from East Tennessee State University

Bachelors of Science in Professional Health Sciences from East West College of Natural Medicine

Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine

National Board Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine and State Licensed Acupuncturist



Acupuncture Point Injection

Traditional Chinese Medicine/Classic Acupuncture

Japanese Acupuncture


M-test or Meridian testing

Dr Tan Techniques

NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique)

NADA and Auriculotherapy

Essential Oils


Further Training

Pain (including an internship for one year at Health South Rehabilitation Hospital)

Multiple Sclerosis