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Educational Videos About Acupuncture.

January – Energy


Week 1: Can acupuncture help with more energy?


Week 2: How lack energy effects your overall health.


Week 3: Is there a pressure point that gives you more energy?


Week 4: How acupuncture helps with chronic fatigue



February – Women’s Health


Week 1: Top 2 ways acupuncture can help with your menstrual cycle


Week 2: Pregnant? 3 ways acupuncture helps during pregnancy


Week 3: How acupuncture can help with success with the IVF process


Week 4: Pregnancy & Postpartum support with acupuncture



March – Chronic Pain


Week 1: Tired of dealing with tennis elbow?


Week 2: You shouldn’t live with neck pain.


Week 3: Tired of taking all those pain medications for your back?


Week 4: How acupuncture relieves Arthritis


April – Healing the body series from preventive

Week 1: What is a meridian?

Week 2: Why needles and not just using pressure?

Week 3: What is Yin and Yang and why is it so important for your health?

Week 4: Acupuncture is about treating the root cause…here’s why


May – Autoimmune disorders

Week 1: What is the main reason acupuncture is so effect with autoimmune

Week 2: Why acupuncture helps people with Parkinson’s disease

Week 3: I have rheumatoid arthritis, can acupuncture help? Or is it bad?

Week 4: Can acupuncture help with Inflammatory bowel syndrome?