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Leslie’s Story

Statement given: September 2014

I came to Dr Karen as a last resort. My shoulder itchiness was so bad I had been staying indoors for the last three summer seasons. I had tried every dermatological solution prescribed! After one session with Dr Karen, I got my life back!!

Maureen’s Story

Statement given: 9-12-14

I have suffered in pain for about 4 years from post neuralgia from the shingles. My medical doctor tried endlessly to help me with the pain but through the years I became sensitive to all the prescription medications that I tried using. I was actually scheduled to have a pain management doctor do two epidural injections in

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Kathy’s Story

Statement given 5-28-14

I began having severe lower back and sharp right leg pain in April 2008. My treatment plans were physical therapy and epidural and pain medication. My pain was not alleviated so I had a 3 level lumbar discectomy and laminectomy in November 2008 in NY Hospital for Special Surgery.

Unfortunately, the surgery did not completely quell my

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Harvey’s Story

Symptoms- Night time visits to the bathroom 3-4 times per night; Severe pain in both knees; Severe pain in my lower back when standing and walking; Elevated heart rate (pulse) due to A-Fib


Outcome: “I have received system functional realignment procedures (applied acupuncture).

These procedures were painless and applied in a relaxing environment. I enjoyed immediate pain reduction and

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