Dru’s Story

“That was the best turnaround from bronchitis ever!!!” –Said after ONE acupuncture treatment

Dorothy’s Story

“The acupuncture stops my night sweats that have been happening for more than three months. I have received treatment only three times!”

Robert’s Story

“One year ago I was suffering from continuous nausea with vomiting and other diarrhea every 3-4 days. It did not seem to be associated with diet, stress, exercise or anything. I went through a battery of tests – hepatobiliary, upper GI, colonoscopy, MRI, gastric emptying, blood work and even swallowed a camera. All came back normal, even exemplary; odd considering

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Marlene’s Story

“I have been plagued by diarrhea for years taking Imodium every day I needed to go out of the house. I was even contemplating diapers. Every treatment I got from Dr Karen Taylor has extended my time being free of diarrhea. After 5 treatments I have had a month of regular movements with no Imodium. I will continue treatments on

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