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Maureen’s Story

Statement given: 9-12-14

I have suffered in pain for about 4 years from post neuralgia from the shingles. My medical doctor tried endlessly to help me with the pain but through the years I became sensitive to all the prescription medications that I tried using. I was actually scheduled to have a pain management doctor do two epidural injections in the spine to see if the pain could be alleviated. Before doing the injections I decided to try acupuncture and I’m glad I did. After two acupuncture treatments to the nerve and muscle area the pain was almost all gone. I am able to do things I loved doing before the pain took over my life. I know that I will continue treatments and build up my immune system and cleanse my liver from all the chemicals from the prescription medicines I had been taking for years. I want to thank Dr Karen for really listening to my needs and helping me to alleviate the pain so I can finally continue to get my health and life back again. I will continue treatments and use acupuncture as my first choice from now on.